How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient for Winter – Home Efficiency Tips

Cleansing your residential HVAC system is required to ensure your HVAC system does not get blocked up with debris. The next step is to have clean your exhaust vents. Once everything is cleaned up make sure you don’t cover the vents.

Airflow that is free and open is vital to heat systems. There are many who believe that when there is no use for the space, then you must block the vent. HVAC experts disagree. Eliminating vents or vents isn’t the best way you can make your home more energy efficient for winter. In reality, it could have negative effects. It may actually make the system more efficient this could cause increased energy consumption.

Use Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fan is on, switching them to reverse could help to increase the efficiency of your energy usage. Reversed position of a ceiling fan permits the hot air to move out of the ceiling directly to the room. Ceiling fans can circulate the heat through your heating system and make it more effective.

You can reverse the buttons of your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a great alternative to conserve power in the winter.

Open your Drapes during the Day

Open drapes or other window coverings during winter so that the sun can radiate through your home. This will increase energy efficiency and help you save money. Your heating system will have an easier task keeping your house warm thanks to the sun’s radiant heat.

Radiant sun heat can help reduce energy bills. Be sure to close the windows in the evening. The cold air shouldn’t be allowed to enter the residence.

It is worth considering installing a smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to take more control of the heating and cooling systems. They are programmable according to your personal preferences. Most homeowners set their thermostats lower at times of the day, during times when people are away for school or work. If you are able to keep the heat on, it might be an ideal idea to reduce your thermostat.


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