How Do I Install a Replacement Window? – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

In the Hazelton’s “House Calls”, he demonstrates how to change a window. The process is easy and simple.

Ron declares that his windows were efficient in the period of 20 years. However, with the cost of energy rising when compared with current window glass technology the windows aren’t even a bit efficient in energy usage. He informs the viewer that with single-pane windows, the heat escapes from the window’s single pane making the house cooler and the heating bills higher. Ron is replacing the window with a double-hung state of the high-tech window manufactured from Pella. A very efficient window.

This video guides viewers through the initial process of taking off the painted over screws and explains his reasons for using the Grabit rather than using a screwdriver. At this point it explains every aspect of removing the old window. He also describes the tools he employs and how to utilize the tools. Then he repeats that instructional method when putting in the brand new Pella double-paned glass in.

The film ends with him explaining the double pain technology, as well as how the replacement of a window in your home is more economical.


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