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How to be more active at home Stay fit and healthy. Physical activity regularly is a better option than smoking, and can reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Metabolic Syndrome is the result of excess fat around the waistline, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, increased blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, or high triglycerides. A healthy lifestyle can reduce your chances of developing bladder, kidney colon, breast and prostate cancer.
Increased Strength of Bones and Muscles

Protection of joints, muscles, and bones is crucial when you get older because they provide support to your body’s structure, allowing you to move about. Activities that build muscle strength, like weight lifting helps you build and keep your strength and mass. If you are an older person, and typically experience decreases in muscle mass and strength due to age and get older, this is crucial. Walking can be an effective means to be active and stay in your the home. All you need to reduce some calories is to speed up your walking and dedicate more time walking.

When you are able, make use of your pedometer for tracking how much you’re walking. Aim to take at minimum 10,000 steps per day. Walking can be beneficial regardless of whether you’re walking to the store, or looking over your yard landscape. Being able to walk slowly for extended times is beneficial. You can also do a home step-exercise video when you’re not able to go for a walk within your zone. According to experts, you could burn off more than 200 calories taking a walk for just 30 minutes. This all comes down to the intensity of your workout and the weight you carry.

You can stay active at home by standing up frequently

In addition to being idle for long hours, many people who work from home consume unhealthy meals such as pizza. A lifestyle like this can result in the consumption of calories each day. Utilizing a standing desk will assist you in becoming more active. Personal trainers advise that standing places greater stress on your body when compared to sitting. It allows you to burn more calories. Standing for the better part of the day will increase the endurance of your legs and increases


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