Which Ethernet Cable Should You Buy and Use? – Daily Objectivist

Onfusion over what’s worthy of buying and what is worth the money and that will make a difference. Different numbers denote their specifications and standards that range from categories 5, 5e, 6 6, and 7. They all use RJ45 connectors. Cat5 cables can be rated between 100 and 100 Mbps in 100 meters and 100MHz bandwidth. They’re almost obsolete and may need to be replaced when you wish to improve your network speed. Following is the cat5e (enhanced) one, which has become very popular. It has a rating of between 1000 and 1000 Mbps in 100 meters with a 100MHz bandwidth. It offers less crosstalk as well as faster network speeds.

Category 6 cabling permits us to achieve speeds as high as 10Gbps with a speed of 250MHz. It is much less likely to interfere by using more tightly woven wire pairs. This can be observed in the performance. The Cat6a cable is capable of handling speeds of up to 10Gbps in 100 meters with a bandwidth of 500 MHz. This cable is suitable to create 10 gigabit networks. Category 7 has been rated to 10Gbps speeds with 600 MHz bandwidth. Every wire is shielded individually.


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