C13 Power Cord What Is This Thing? – Daily Objectivist

In the process of getting your computer to function, make sure that it’s plugged in. The C13 high-quality power cord will enable you to get over the first hurdle. The “Type C13” IEC connector at one end of the cord to create kettle plug, however without the notch. It is compatible using different connectors. Power cable assemblies are wire bundles that already have an socket connector or plug at the end. Connectors may be placed in both ends of the power cable assembly, like in this case, or just one end. There are many different kinds that can meet a variety of needs, dependent on the manner in which they’ll be utilized.

IEC C13 extension cables can use in conjunction in conjunction with IEC Class I appliances. These cords serve for powering and connecting peripherals such as printers and monitors to computers. They can also be utilized for extending a power line. The male C14 plugs into another power cord. The female C13 connector is directly connected to the appliance that has a C14 port. These IEC extension cords can be used in data centers to connect equipment and appliances using C14 ports to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), or PDU (Power Distribution Unit) to provide power. q1lb81unc1.

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