Different Types of Lawyers and their Roles – Community Legal Services

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Family lawyer

The family lawyer can help with any questions about your relationship with your spouse or your partner. They will help you resolve the issues between you. This includes child custody issues, divorce or property division. A skilled child custody lawyer is able to assist parents with an agreement on child support and adopt children.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re arrested and charged with a crime, you’ll require a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court should it be necessary. If needed, they’ll assist you in defending the rights of you and preparing an contest the charges. Criminal law is an practice of law, and it deals criminal offenses like murder and theft. The function of a defense attorney involves helping their client to understand the procedures of an investigation to help them prepare for trial and engage with prosecutor. A criminal defense attorney may assist with the preparation of witnesses as well as an evidence presentation the trial.

Estate Planning Lawyer

A lawyer who is involved in estate planning can help you set up an estate plan by drafting trusts, wills, or other legal documents in order to guarantee your wishes are fulfilled upon your death. The estate attorney often works closely with clients on plans that cover all aspects of their lives such as family dynamics, current relationships and financial goals for the future. and goals. They will also give advice about legal probate law in the state. Planning for your estate protects the assets you have from being seized by creditors and heirs while ensuring these assets remain available for distribution.

Constitutional Lawyer

Protection of the Constitutional rights is the responsibility of the constitutional lawyer. There are many kinds of lawyers and their roles includes protecting against laws which violate human rights or undermine democratic principles. They also help ensure that governments are not able to abuse their authority or interfere with individuals’ freedom of speech.


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