Delicious Spots to Eat in Rochester, NY – City Trav

You’ve heard of the famous garbage dish. If you’ve never visited at least once, you’re likely wondering “why do people be eating something with garbage in the name? Today might be the day you discover the answer!
The local eateries will be your preferred lunch spot next time you visit the Flower City.

From vegan-friendly restaurants that are on the rise to classic diners with a vintage feel, this city has a plethora of options for every foodie in your family. Rochester is a city with a long background in food and drink, including various restaurants opening in historical places like The Sibley Building in downtown. The building now serves as the home of the Mercantile on Main, Rochester’s first ever food hall that showcases a variety of local eateries. This is an ideal location to get together with coworkers and friends to eat lunch.

Highland Park Diner or Jines is a fantastic location to go for brunch if you are in the mood. Families can enjoy milkshakes as you explore Highland Park or Park Avenue.

As mentioned, it’s unwise not to have the garbage bowl when you’re living in Rochester. Make sure to stop by Nick Tahou Hots, the place where the plates are made and revel in the pure beauty of a garbage plate.

Are you a person with a sweet tooth? Go to Abbotts and get the best custard around town.

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