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This helps prevent snow and rain from building up on the windshield when there are the snow or stormy conditions. This improves driver visibility. This YouTube video “The Best Wiper Blades in the World” will explain the best options for car drivers.

Mary Anderson invents wiper blades. The use of rubber was to create the first blades for wipers. Although they proved effective in wiping, they deteriorated quickly when exposed to sun in humid conditions. Graphite was added to the mixture of mold in order to strengthen the blades but this led to irritating noise while functioning.

To address this issue, silicone wipers were developed. Although they’re priced higher than graphite or rubber wiper blades, they are more durable and perform better. Factors that affect the longevity of wiper blades include UV rays, heat and the dirt found in the atmosphere. One of the benefits of silicon wipers is that they release silicon deposits when they work, which make the windshield water-proof and enhances the performance of wiping as time passes. It’s in contrast to rubber deposits which can make wiping harder.

You can extend the time-to-life of your wiper blades by making sure that the windshield is in good condition. A dirty windshield is more difficult to clean them and can wear the blades out sooner.


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