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ough technology that drastically increases the turnaround time for maintenance on the equipment you depend on, BlackHawk(tm) Hydraulic Nuts are installed on many energy industries’ applications like Reactor Vessels and Heat Exchangers. They can be removed easily from large high-pressure, flanges and in less than 2 hours. This reduces how long it takes to finish the turnaround of your project. BlackHawk Hydraulics Nuts help you achieve Certainty of Outcome through removing unnecessary delay caused by thread galling. It also greatly improves bolt load accuracy for an unstoppable outcome, on time, every time.

Perfect for flanges that need absolute tensioning, have smaller spacing between bolts or have a shorter length of stud above the nut, Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts may have many advantages that we do not have enough space to mention here. They’ll help you save both time and money, by eliminating galling and reducing task times, downtimes, and the cost of labour. These devices will improve safety for workers in reducing their exposure by removing pinch points and removing nut splits or machining as well as hot bolting.

By allowing 100% simultaneous loading They provide the most accurate load and the ideal gasket pressure, preventing any leaks that could affect your important fittings. Expertly tested in the market, Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts have been utilized by the largest nuclear power plant within North America, the largest chemical corporation in North America, and private companies that explore space. Discover how Blackhawk Hydraulic NUTS can be adapted to meet your needs. ippa7kpl2v.

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