Unprofessional Roofers Break Invaluable Vase – Community Legal Services

It’s crucial to have a skilled roofer. There are times when it’s difficult to imagine the mistakes roofing contractors who are not trustworthy do. They could use materials that are less than the ones you purchased or disregard your deadline, or fail to complete the job at all. There have been instances roofing contractors who accidentally replaced the roof on the wrong house entirely. That comes with a whole range of legal implications. It’s not the ideal way to behave.

A roofing firm was working on the roof as normal. They were tossing extra debris off the roof. The debris hit an outdoor vase, breaking the vase into pieces. This wasn’t a typical vase. It was a precious family artifact from Italy. The roofers freaked out, as you can see. Instead of trying to solve the issue, they attempted to hide the pieces from the broken vase. This was an incredibly decision, which the homeowners found out. The roofers offered money to replace the damaged vase. But, it was impossible to offer such a sum for the irreplaceable piece of furniture. This lack of care is not easy to define. It would be quite a bit but.


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