DEP Permits Explained – Action Potential

What does the DEP allows for West Virginia entail.
Residents in West Virginia can acquire different kinds of permits to carry out various types of activities and facilities, to ensure that any discharges that occur in the water, soil and the air are within acceptable standards. Compliance with the DEP permits guarantees that applicants observe all the federal and state environmental laws and minimize their impact to the environment.
Recently in the past, the WVDEP has approved a crucial permit needed to ease the division of roads that will allow for building the 522 bypass across the US. According to the acting director of the Division of Waste and Water Management Office, it has a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Stormwater Permit that is associated with the Construction Stormwater General Permit.
Permits for stormwater were granted in accordance with specific conditions, such as the DOH presenting a revised application that includes a thorough GWP (Groundwater Protection Plan) as well as an SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan[Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan]. pofgxyoqoa.

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