Window Glass Repair 101 – Awkward Family Photos

could pose danger to your family. The weather allows insects and other pests into your home. It compromises the security of your house. Below is a video that shows the steps to fix window glass , without employing a professional.

The first step is to determine the width and height of the window. When you’ve determined the length and width of your window pane, take a quarter inch from every measurement. This is the measurement of glass that you require. The reason you want some room allows the glass to properly expand and contract in response to temperatures.

The glazing should be removed and the window must be broken. Make sure you wear suitable protective gear to protect yourself from broken glass. After glass has been taken off, clean out any remaining glass.

Set up your window using clippings made of metal to secure the window within. After that, use glaze and putty for sealing the window. Once the seal has dried you can paint the trim with a color that will match your window frame.

As simple as that. You should have safety equipment and an appropriate putty knife. Click the image above to learn more regarding window repair.


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