Is Social Media Good For Your Brain? – Online Shopping Tips

There are apps that allow users to share their thoughts and lives. Without a doubt, social media has become overloaded with different websites that one could scroll forever without scratching the level. There are however, more doubts about the effects of social media’s influence on our brains. What are the advantages of social media? Are they good or negative? This video will look at how social media use influences our thinking.

Social media has profound effects on our lives. If one is overwhelmed by the media of online social networks, people might rely more on positive reinforcements including likes, comments and shares, as opposed to engaging in activities for the sole reason of doing it. The people who are overwhelmed by social media struggle to concentrate on the moment as a totality, instead of the possibilities for sharing or taking pictures. Also, social media makes us make comparisons between ourselves and others. This can result in an unhealthy obsession about appearance.


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