Do You Need Nutritional Supplements? – Code Android

nutritional supplement is something which you consume in addition to your daily consumption of calories so that you have the right balance of nutrients inside your body. While the nutritional supplements you need to consume depend upon your weight, your age and body composition however, there are certain basic nutrients that anyone can consume to improve their immunity. The video below explains the reasons you need nutritional supplements.

The most important reason that you should take supplements for nutrition is that they account for the lost nutrients during contemporary food production. The majority of food that consumes is refined. It is a result that it has lost important nutrients and does not have enough nutritional value to maintain a healthy muscular or bone structure. As an example, when the whole wheat flour gets processed into “enriched” white flour, it is able to lose 91 percent of the Vitamin E it had before. Additionally, it is stripped of 87% of magnesium. This is just one of the examples of the way processed foods justify that nutritional supplements are required.


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