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ndation of a house may be sagging or cracked, which requires foundation repairs. The signs you see inside or out of your home where foundation repairs are needed. Find out the signs you should observe for.

A damaged or cracked chimney is the most obvious sign. The chimney is by far the most heavy portion f your home and can be found in a narrow area. If your foundation is weak or the soil underneath is weak, the chimney could shrink or the bricks could crack.

The foundation settlement is the other sign. Settlement of the foundation occurs when soil becomes insufficient to carry the weight of your home, which causes it to sink or settle.

Cracked bricks is the third sign. This is more than an aesthetic issue. It may indicate that the foundation is in need of repair. Particularly when cracks begin in the corner and are extending towards a window or door.

Drywall cracks that are visible in your home can be a sign of foundation issues. Cracks in the floor and walls, appearing between the walls and floors indicate that your structural foundation has failed.

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