Walmart Forks Over Millions to Woman Todays Entertainment News

one lady. While she received the money in one day, it was several days in the getting there. Walmart became the target of her legal team, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the case was won. You see, Walmart had wrongly accused the woman of shoplifting . It ruining her reputation. The woman was seeking compensation. In this video you’ll see the way the matter played out.

The female was doing the automated self-checkout like normal. She claimed that she was paying the exact amount as usual. However, she was confronted by security personnel on the way out of the store. The security guards suspected the woman had been shoplifting. They then demanded 200 dollars to get her out of the charge. However, this request was denied by the lady. Also, she filed suit against Walmart. Walmart was required to pay this lady about two million dollars in compensation for the damaged image that they created for this lady. The woman was said to be unable find work because of it. An employee who shoplifts isn’t someone one would like to employ. She can live comfortably on two million dollars.


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