How to Prevent Clogged Gutters – Family Dinners

The gutters that are open can get clogged with debris, which causes roof leaks as well foundation damage. In the video below, you will learn how you can create an interim gutter cover that will prevent blocked gutters.

For this task it is necessary to have access to a ladder so that you can work in the gutter. Also, you’ll need a metal mesh and wire cutters. In the beginning, clear the downspout as well as the gutter of any debris. If the obstruction is severe, you may need to disconnect the downspout.

Take your wire mesh. This can be purchased at your local garden and the home shops. Cut a small piece of mesh to place into the downspout. Make use of gloves and pliers in order to easily shape the mesh according to your preference.

Then, insert the steel mesh over the downspout. Be sure not to push it downwards. The thought is that the mesh can act as a barricade to obstructions that might otherwise block the downspout. It will let water through in a continuous manner.

Go to the picture above to find out more about the ways you can set up your gutter-clogging defense.


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