Why You Shouldnt Buy An Extended Warranty – The Buy Me Blog

There is no break-down. Or, it’s time for a new appliance. If you decide to make a trip to your local appliance retailer, you’ll likely be presented with the possibility to purchase an extended warranty. Do not buy the extended warranties. The result is losing the money. This video will show you how to avoid buying extended warranties.

What is the problem with warranties? As a rule, less than 12 percent of the extended warranty cash is actually made available. The extended warranties are not needed for a lot of. People only believe they need it. This means that you will have to lose 88% of your funds on average. That’s not the best probabilities. This is not just for appliances. It’s the same for cars and even electronics. It’s best to keep some extra money available for electronics as well as appliances that break. There are times when things break. But, warranty coverage is not worth the cost. One last thing to note: if the item comes with an assurance, it’s totally okay. The item is not required to be purchased an additional fee.


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