Welding 101 – Car Talk Podcast

Metal objects are able to be combined with heat or filler substances. It is necessary to attain the needed technical expertise to perform welding. Steve Christena, the owner of Arc Academy in Chicago, shows you how to weld and what it takes including the pros and cons and the steps to take in a quick YouTube video entitled “Welding Basics for Beginners.”

MIG welding, which requires no gas and does not require slag, is one of many welding techniques identified. The gas used is to join stainless steel, aluminum and steel. In addition, it’s more clean and can be utilized within the indoor environment.

In the second, stick welding can be described as one of the methods that uses flux. This technique is only useful on heavy metals. It is employed outdoors for welding iron and steel.

TIG welding is the 3rd choice. It produces beautiful, high-quality welds. Although it’s difficult to use, it is able to weld any metal.

The selection of a welding method will depend on the kind and amount of metal being to be welded. All it depends on is the nature and type of your work. 87auq71v8i.

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