Tips for Residential Cleaning – Business Training Video

Marketing is a must. You can get busy with things and leave it behind, however if you wish for your enterprise to thrive, then you must market your business.

It is important to hire a good amount of applicants in order to build your team too. It’s equally important to network. This can allow you to increase your visibility, bring in prospective candidates, and grow it. Always set goals when you go to a networking event.

The Don’t’s

One of the major don’t’s is don’t send a residential cleaner on a commercial assignment. There’s too much space and not enough experience on the cleaner’s side, which is unfair to place them in this position.

Do not use residential rate for commercial job opportunities either. It’s a way to sell yourself short. Remember to cost your service.

You shouldn’t tailor your service for each client. The processes must be standardized for your team to consistently deliver.

To learn more tips on house cleaning, take note of the video in the link above.


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