The Three Most Important Aspects of SEO Reselling

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Learn the seo trade

Over the past few years, our modern world has presented a lot of new jobs and fields of expertise, particularly where the internet is concerned. The concept of reselling SEO (or, search engine optimization) is relatively new, yet an extremely helpful talent to offer for how many people use search engines to seek information. This rise popularity may give rise to questions as to how to be an SEO reseller and what the most important aspects are that one should know of SEO reselling. No matter if you’re wanting to find the best SEO reseller or figure out how to be an SEO reseller, the wisest place to start is certainly with the basics. The following three points make up the back bone of SEO reseller training.

1. Search Engines

Perhaps to no surprise, search engines are the most crucial aspect to understand about SEO reselling; indeed, without any search engines this specialty service would not exist. Search engines also make up a very important part of our daily internet searches, as about 93% of online experiences start with a web search. Over all, there are 100 billion searches being conducted every month. This is likely why Outbrain’s study has found that search is the #1 driver of traffic to sites, beating out social media by as much as 300%.

2. Organic Ads

Organic ads present a more natural result alternative to inorganic and are the second most crucial aspect of outsourced SEO. As many as 70-80% of users today completely ignore paid advertisements in favor of organic search results, trusting them more for their natural source of being. What’s more, 70% of links that are clicked on are organic. Clearly, consumers find natural results more reliable and all the better if they crop up first in a search engine result; a study from the online ad network Chitika found that 33% of people will click on the first search engine result, compared to only 18% for the second result.
3. Inbound Leads
Identifying which lead is which and the most effective is very important to learning how to be an SEO reseller. These different leads bring with them different results and different subsequent costs. SEO inbound leads carry with them a 14.6% close rate while outbound leads have a much smaller 1.7% close rate. For as much as they are successful, inbound leads are also much cheaper, costing 61% lower than outbound leads.
Understanding the three crucial elements of SEO reselling will lead to success, whether you are an SEO reseller or a looking to employ the best.

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