Five Outstanding SEO Reseller Strategies

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Reselling SEO can be a competitive world to jump into, and figuring out how to make money reselling SEO to the point where you’re profitable is no easy task. Luckily, reselling seo is much like starting any business, and the same principals apply.

Step One: Do Your Research

Look at other companies providing the same service. How do they stand out? Learn the SEO trade by reading industry blogs, networking with area SEO resellers and memorize key facts and figures. For example, did you know that 75 percent of search engine users never click on the second page of search results? This is a convincing statistic to cite to a potential client.

Step Two: Create a presence

Even if you’re just starting small and connecting with local businesses (chances are this is the case), you need to have a strong brand and web presence. A professional website and distinctive logo are essential to having business owners and other clients trust your work.

Step Three: Find clients

More than 60% of internet users research products and services online, and that number will only keep growing. Businesses in your area will be looking to for SEO and SEO resellers, and it is important to network with these businesses. Check out networking lunches or other events in your area. Don’t spam or cold call!

Step Four: Maintain a strong work ethic

Like any small business owner, you’ll have to do a lot of footwork in the beginning to find clients, grow your client list and build your reputation. Sometimes it will seem like more than a full time job, but hard work, persistence, and fast communication with your clients will pay off!

Step Five: Focus on organic results

The vast majority of users click on links that sound natural, not strings of keywords. Additionally, 70-80% of users do not click on paid ads. Internet users have little interest in being directly sold something, however, they are often seeking information or entertainment that will lead them to purchasing something. That’s where your service comes in.

With these tips in mind, you’ll figure out how to make money reselling SEO and grow your business! Refernce materials.

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