Increase Your Income By Reselling SEO

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The path to large seo reseller revenue

Driving traffic to a website organically through search engine optimization (SEO) is the Holy Grail of web design. More than 93% of all web interactions start with a search engine. Businesses are so interested in improving their SEO to make their web pages attractive to Google, they are turning to SEO reseller companies. SEO reseller profits are only growing as this newer industry takes off.

One of the best thing about working with SEO is that SEO reseller profits can be larger because there is no huge initial investment. You can learn about SEO at home and begin making a difference for companies right away. Here are some tips to increasing SEO reseller profits:

  1. Get referrals if you can. Talk to your friends and family and others who own businesses that rely on their websites for business. Are they happy with the traffic they are getting? Is it getting them the business they need it to? Many companies across a wide array of industries can benefit from SEO outsourcing.
  2. Word of mouth will only take you so far.  You will need to do more than rely on referrals.
    1. Go to local Meetups and conferences. There are Meetups all over the country every week. Many are for local businesses. Go and talk to them about SEO. Go to conferences and talk about your SEO services. This is one way to get new clients and increase your SEO reseller profits.
    2. Blog often. Blogging about SEO strategy often to increase the number of leads you get. The more facts, figures and charts you can use, the better. The more concrete evidence you have to show the efficacy of SEO, the easier it will be to get new clients.
  3. Be specific in your proposals. If you are pitching a certain company, go through their website and note everything you would change. Include all of that in your proposal to that company. The more specific you can be, the better. You may be worried that they will take your advice and do it themselves but the chances are, they will not do that. Most companies that have these deficiencies in the web page, do not have the bandwidth to fix those problems themselves.
  4. Do some work for free. Contact some companies and blogs and do their SEO for free. Ask them to put a badge on their site and give you a good review that you can put on your site. Both will generate new leads and help you increase your SEO reseller profits.
  5. Do not undervalue yourself. It is really easy to lowball your pricing for white label SEO services. You want the business and it may seem counterintuitive but people tend to value things more when they have to pay more to get them. Do your research into what you can charge, show the business what SEO is worth to them and do not sell yourself short.

Reselling SEO can be a profitable business. It is something you can learn and use to build a great job and income.

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