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Every website that hopes to make any online sales needs to put the best SEO practices to good use. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is an Internet marketing strategy aimed at improve a site’s online visibility through improved search engine rankings.

While there are some complicated technical aspects, the big picture of the best SEO practices is to create the best-quality website as possible. To get more specific, here are a few of the best SEO practices to help you create an awesome site!

1. Content Links.

Links are definitely one of the most important and best SEO strategies to have in place. After all, links make a page more accessible. If a page is more accessible, it’ll only naturally get more traffic than an inaccessible site. However, search engines like Google can tell the difference between spammy, paid links, and high quality ones. In order to get these high quality links, you need to have strong content worth that’s worth linking to. This could be a blog, a video, an infographic, or any piece of web content that people are going to feel compelled to share.

2. Social Media.

Search engines are now taking social cues from Twitter, Facebook, and other social bookmarking sites into consideration when determining search rankings. It’s only natural, since social media shares are a pretty good indicator of quality. More people are going to share a piece of content if high quality than something that’s not.

3. Human Keywords.

Robots aren’t searching the Internet–people are. They’re looking for answers to questions like “what are the best local restaurants?” The best SEO keywords will reflect the answers to the questions that people will ask if they want to find your site. Although doing the research for keywords is tedious, it’s arguably the most important part of your campaign.

These are three of the best SEO practices, but there are also other great things that you can do! The key is to create the best website possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More on this.

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