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SEO Reseller Plans

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The search engine industry is worth sixteen billion dollars, and search engines are the lifeblood of internet traffic. Without enough internet marketing, your website may get buried under a mountain of other sites, reducing your traffic and online sales to a dangerously low level. It is said that, by 2016, almost half of the retail spending in the US will be influenced by online marketing and visibility online. Three quarters of people who use search engines only look at results on the first page, leaving the websites on the second page undiscovered. Some companies use paid or sponsored search results to immediately raise their visibility, but a majority of search engine users almost never click on these sponsored results. One of the methods of online marketing that has received a significant amount of attention recently is SEO, which is the abbreviation for Search engine optimization. This service utilizes keywords from search engines to revamp the text content of your website in order to climb up in the ranking to the first page of results.

Some companies that use SEO services also participate in SEO reseller plans. These programs have the reseller offer SEO services to their direct clients while outsourcing the work to the SEO company itself. Seo reseller plans generate a significant amount of profit for both the reseller and the SEO company, while also expanding the SEO company’s client base. SEO reseller plans, however, range in their offerings, prices, and the company that offers the plan. Some may offer simple, basic Seo services, and other plans offer social media, PPC, and other SEO services as well. Social media SEO reseller plans are the most difficult to implement, but many SEO companies utilize them very well. Be sure to shop around and look at reviews before choosing a plan that complements your company’s current offerings and selecting a company.