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More traffic from search engines

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In 2011, eCommerce sales surpassed $200,000,000,000. A big spike in online connectivity through smart phones and tablets means that consumers are more informed than ever. It also means that brick and mortar stores are facing challenges from online retailers in unprecedented ways. According to Forrester Research, sales on the internet are expected to grow from 7 percent of overall retail sales to almost 9 percent by the year 2016.

If you want your business to succeed these days, it is important that search engines bring lots of traffic to your website from customers who are looking for the products and services you offer. That means that your internet marketing plan and social media presence must be developed by online marketing specialists who understand search engine optimization. Social media presence is growing in importance for businesses; 94 percent of social media marketing professionals feel that it is necessary to track the number of fans and followers their clients attract to their social media pages. SEO professionals know all the tricks, tips, and techniques that can be used to work on your search marketing and social media plans to bring in lots of traffic from motivated customers from search engines.

Almost one third of businesses outsource at least a portion of their social media marketing efforts, up from 28 percent in 2011, so, if you do not have a social media department to help get traffic from search engines, do not worry; there are some fantastic web design and SEO specialists out there to whom you can outsource seo, instead of wasting time going through a hiring process and developing your own search engine optimization team from the ground up. Reach out to specialists who can help with your optimization for search engines today, and let them show you how they can help bring in the customers that you need to succeed.